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Robert A. Morrey Ph.D.

Robert Morrey is a retired high school German teacher who worked in public schools in California for 32 years teaching German. He developed computer-based instruction and later incorporated video materials and online instruction into his teaching. Following his retirement he taught high school students for 5 years very successfully using his online materials and he has also employed the online materials with people in business who wanted to learn German and with a few students via Skype.

This website is not a fancy, glitzy site. This site was developed by Dr. Morrey as a comprehensive and practical site for learning German and has been used very effectively by many students and a few business persons for over 13 years. It contains a very extensive German language curriculum for levels 1 through 4 that is designed for high school level students or others who are seriously interested in improving their ability with the German language (German OnLine Courses). These materials contain well over 2500 of the most common German words (as determined by frequency listings) that have been allocated to 20 vocabulary lessons in each of the levels 1-3 and 10 lessons in level 4 with the most frequently used words in the earlier levels. Extensive computer-based grammar explanations and practice materials with over 11750 practice items on over 200 grammar topics were developed for all the basic elements of the German grammar. Available here online for the first time is this complete set of coordinated computer materials that provides detailed practice with the vocabulary and grammar (Java-based practice exercises). 

Please note that the computer materials were found by the students to be one of the most effective elements in Dr. Morrey's instructional program.


Dr. Morrey is available to provide German Instruction or private tutoring in a face-to-face mode in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area or via Skype using the online materials. Please contact him at: rmorrey@pacbell.net (Subject: web German). See also 'Comments of a Tutee' in which one of Dr. Morrey's tutored students writes about her experiences in her individualized and personalized tutorial program.

Other background information on Dr. Morrey and his professional work is available on the additional information page.

Dr. Morrey has spent hundreds of unpaid hours developing and installing the teaching materials on this website so that they would be as accurate and comprehensive as possible.  If you find these materials useful and would like to recompense him a bit for his efforts, you could send a check to him at this address: 3404 Merrimac Drive, San Jose, CA 95117. Thank you!


This site was extensively updated in July and August, 2016.