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Information about Robert Morrey and his work as a high school teacher and innovator for on line teaching


This website was moved during the summer of 2006. Look for Robert Morrey under http://www.Schoolnotes.com/95014/rmorrey.html or search on Google for Morrey's website and German under the URL


This web site contains a very extensive German language curriculum for levels 1 through 4 that is designed for high school level students or others who are seriously interested in improving their ability with the German language (German OnLine Courses). The link (German Courses) contains a complete description of the German program as it existed at Cupertino High School (CHS) before Dr. Morrey retired and a description of the Internet-based German program that Dr. Morrey has conducted since his retirement as well as biographical information about Dr. Morrey.  

Dr. Morrey makes conference presentations at local, state and national conferences and recent presentation notes are available on this site also.

The link to German web sites contains many references to a variety of international sites where the German language is used.

The two sites referring to CHS point to descriptive information about the author's German program at Cupertino High School: German Program at CHS  Resources at CHS. Even though he retired from full-time teaching in June, 2001, (see Retirement letter), he still likes to work with a few students via the Internet.

Dr. Morrey also heads Morrey's Microcomputer Materials - A small company devoted to producing excellent computer software (available through Dr. Morrey) to practice vocabulary and grammar items primarily for German language learning. An Internet-based set of practice programs for G1-5 can be experienced through the link (Java-based practice exercises

The computer practice is a critical element to the success that students have demonstrated with this program because it demands accurate performance.