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German Sites on the Internet

German sites

Locations of things German: magazines, Deutsch Welle stuff, newspapers,city sites, museums with German material, etc.

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Info about EU

Welcome to Europa
Detailed information about the institutions of the European Union
The presentation and structure of EUROPA is being modified.
This site describes what changes will be made to the Europa site.

Germany - general information

German Embassy and German Information Center with over 25 other links.
CIS- Center for Information Services
Ten broad topical links to many additional sites dealing with the German states, cities, and ways to search for specific servers or other information
City.Net Countries & Territories
Travel information throughout the world including Germany

Deutsche Welle

DW Home Page
Home page of the Deutsche Welle communication network; many choices from here.
DeutscheWelle radio: Deutsches Programm
This site allows you to hear live radio broadcasts in German if you have the right plugins.
DeutscheWelle Audio News
This site automatically starts the news broadcast in German if the computer is set up. Appropriate for advanced G4 students.
Deutsche Welle radio: Elektronisches Klassenzimmer: Marktplatz online
This site leads to a set of 26 recorded radio programs each between 20 and 25 minutes long. The first 2 are designed around a spoken story dealing with the topic of the title with very clear explanatory comments by narrators interspersed - the dialog German fades in and out some. Appropriate for G4 or advanced G4 students.

UCB German Stuff

German Studies at Berkeley
Background about the German department including links to other sites.
Departments & Divisions
List of all departments at Univ. of Calif. Berkeley in Letters and Science.
U.C.Berkeley, Links to Other sites
Brings one directly to an annotated list of the many other links mentioned in the first item above.

Bayern Deutschland

Deutsches Museum
Brings up the homepage of the museum and access to many subdirectories in the museum.
Many additional sites; check out the 'favorite websites' link for many other links.
Langenscheidt in Muenchen
Homepage of the Langenscheidt publisher in Munich.

AATG Stuff

American Association of Teachers of German
AATG Homepage, German learning software, TAK (Das TransatlantischeKlassenzimmer) homepage
E-mail to AATG at AATG@compuserve.com
German Language Learning Software: An Annotated Bibliography
German language learning software reviews

Yahoo and other seach results

Yahoo!- Maps and regions in Germany
Brings up a Yahoo search for maps and Germany - one can follow several links from here.
Yahoo!- Staedte und Laender:Laender:Deutschland:Staedte
A very large list (400+K) of city links for Germany - new ones added regularly.
Universitaet Augsburg - Institut fuer Mathematik
Server of the Institute with a number of mathematically oriented links - all German

German News Sources

SZonNet- Die Sueddeutsche Zeitung im Internet.
Homepage of the online version of the newspaper with links to several subsections.
The homepage of the 'Spiegel' magazine with links to many other spots.
DieWelt - Titelseite
Homepage for the online version of the newspaper 'Die Welt'.
DIE ZEIT Homepage: http://www.zeit.de/
Homepage of the newspaper 'Die Zeit'.
FOCUS Online. Homepage und Top-News (main site)
Lots of links to news items from the online version of the Focus magazine.
FOCUS Online. News - Politik (sub-heading: many good items)
This site lists at least seven categories of other kinds of information other than politics,
including: sports, weather, business, other
taz,die tageszeitung
Homepage of the daily newspaper 'taz' with other links.

Additional Souces

Pension 'Am Waldrand'
Ad page for a place to stay near a forested area.
WebMuseum: Duerer, Albrecht
Many great links to and discussions about artistic works done by Albrect Duerer.
Authentic Foreign Videos for Foreign Language Teaching in French, German and Spanish from PICS / Home Page
PICS homepage.
PICS Catalogue of Authentic Foreign Language Video / Menu
On-line catalog for PICS products.
Foreign Language Teaching & Learning
Language teaching sites of interest to teachers with links to other sites.
Office- Word 97 - Microsoft GmbH
Information in German about Microsoft Word 97.
The School Zone's language resources
Many, many sources for teachers and students in a variety of languages.

French & Spanish sites

Various sites for things French: things in Bordeaux, Radio France, some things in Spanish, etc.

City.Net: Countries & Territories
A list of many countries in the world to which one can travel.
Spanish and Portuguese WWW Links
University of California at Berkeley Spanish and Portuguese department links.
Bienvenue sur le site de Radio France
Homepage for the French Radio service - source of spoken French news.
Vins de Bordeaux / Bordeaux Wines / Bordeaux-Weine
Homepage for information about the wines of Bordeaux in many languages - you choose.
Bienvenue sur le WEB de la mairie de BORDEAUX
Homepage of the city hall in Bordeaux, France, with additional links.


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